Mark J Ellis


Mark J Ellis

Here's an actual free piece of advice

Spend no more than 15% of your budget on the initial website and set up.
That one comes from experience, not a blog.

Mark J Ellis can help you keep the set up costs down so you have something to get traffic and customers.  Otherwise you'll have a pretty, but useless, website.  Pretty useless.

Imagine staring at your analytics and (lack of) sales and wondering, "why the $#@& is no one buying my stuff?!"  Yeah, painful - a website but no money left to get sales.

And if you say your path to riches is Facebook and social media, don't say you weren't warned.
  1. BigCommerce Edits
    BigCommerce Edits
    Tweaks, edits, customization, option sets, product management.
  2. BigCommerce Setup
    BigCommerce Setup
    Keep it simple to start. You need to focus on traffic. Let's get a plan and save on the initial setup.
  3. AdWords Management
    AdWords Management
    If you had bad results in the past, it's probably because you did it wrong. AdWords is popular for a reason.
  4. Amazon Management
    Amazon Management
    If you're putting products on your website, you might as well learn how to Amazon.
Life after Setup

Save your money for what matters - getting customers.

If you build it, they will come...  maybe in Hollywood.
You might want to have a plan for your amazing website BEFORE you spend all of your budget.

No one told you

If you could do it again

Call 512-770-7895

Why didn't anyone tell you that the cheap part is getting the website set up?  Why didn't anyone tell you that you'll need a lot of money, time, and energy AFTER you get a website started?

They probably did. And you probably didn't listen.
I'll bet you'd be AMAZING if you could do it over... you know, a second try.

And imagine if you'd have done it several times as practice first?

There's a word for this.  It's called experience.
Just call. Let's see what we can come up with.

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