Mark J Ellis


Let's Avoid the Meetings

You don't have time for a hundred meetings. You just want someone to take care of your online headache for you.

BigCommerce Certified Specialist
Basic edits, setup, and product management starting at $400

Google AdWords Certified Specialist
Getting you the traffic you need
Setup starting at $400
  1. BigCommerce Edits
    BigCommerce Edits
    Tweaks, edits, customization, option sets, product management.
  2. BigCommerce Setup
    BigCommerce Setup
    Keep it simple to start. You need to focus on traffic. Let's get a plan and save on the initial setup.
  3. AdWords Management
    AdWords Management
    If you had bad results in the past, it's probably because you did it wrong. AdWords is popular for a reason.
  4. Amazon Management
    Amazon Management
    If you're putting products on your website, you might as well learn how to Amazon.
Life after Setup

Save your money for what matters - getting customers.

If you build it, they will come...  maybe in Hollywood.
You might want to have a plan for your amazing website BEFORE you spend all of your budget.

Basic Setup

After setup

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I can get you up and running for cheap.  Worry about the fanciness later.

I specialize in long-term marketing. We can work on a plan for your business as we go.